hpassword - a password changing application

I just released the first application using the CORE framework. It's a nifty password changing application which I use in conjunction with my puppet mailserver setup.

The source code is available at github 

It also features my first debian package, which is based on the tomcat7 package from debian and the jenkins package

Playing around with mod_autoindex

I spend a few hours this weekend working on a bootstrap/angular.js frontend for mod_autoindex of apache.

Through bootstrap and angular its optimized for mobility first. It should scale nicely on the any screen. You can also swipe from left to right or right to left in order to move to the next or previous picture.

The code and description how to set it up is hosted at github repository. You can have a look at how it looks at my gallery.

Bootstrap for blumenhof.net

Today I upgraded blumenhof.net to bootstrap 3. The page is responsive and also looks neat on a mobile phone. While at it I also upgraded the phpwcms to a recent version. It ended up in me being able to restore the site manually, because the backup I made earlier didn't work because of this nasty bug. On the other hand I now fixed my mysql backups for all servers, because they weren't working ;).Btw for backups I now use Bacula, which was a pain to configure in the beginning but works even more smoothly now.

 I also added a few additions to blumenhof.net namely the OpenStreetMap IFrame where I also updated the metadata for blumenhof.net. For google I ended up writing some Rich Snippet, so that the poor guys there get some meta data as well. To bad those CMS'WYSIWYG Editors now throw away all extra markup upon saving. So I ended up writing some of the markup manually but I guess it is for the best, because who wants Word Markup in a Web Page.

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